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Company has the market as the basis for enterprise survival and development, market development will be the focus of the work as an enterprise, the implementation of the grid, power, EPC, the international sales market diversification strategy. After years of effort, the company has cultivated a perfect sales and marketing team, established a scientific market organization, completed a full build domestic and international market network, widely used in the country's 26 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions.

Company has a market management department and two overseas business administration domestic and international markets. The domestic market to establish a nationwide regional sales companies; the international market in South Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, South America, Central Asia countries had established permanent institutions.

International strategy to actively promote the company, since 2003, the company products began to enter the international market and exported to Asia, Africa, America and many European countries and regions. End of 2011, cumulative overseas to obtain more than 300 sets of large power transformers export orders with a total capacity of more than 40 million kVA.

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